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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I book my cleaning service?
    All you have to do is click on the Appointment, enter your relevant details (name, address, phone number, your home size, and any extras you require) and within 60 seconds you're on the way to having a spick-and-span, happy home. We'll reply on the same business day confirming the appointment and arrival time.
  • Am I required to enter my payment information?
    Yes, we require payment as confirmation of your professional home clean booking. We do not charge your card until after your professional clean has been completed.
  • Are you cleaning teams pet-friendly and do you use non-toxic organic cleaning products?
    Definitely! Our cleaning teams have training on how to treat dogs, cats, and other pets. We're a pet-friendly cleaning service. To be sure we bring the most suitable chemicals and equipment for your house clean, please let us know in the notes of your booking what animals you have at home.
  • What is a Deep Clean?
    A Deep Clean is for first-time customers, or customers who haven't had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months.
  • What services don't you offer?
    We don't offer wet wiping of light bulbs, resurfacing/waxing/refinishing of floors, putting away dishes, large furniture moving, excessive mould removal, extensive ceiling cleaning, removing permanent stains from timber, marble or other sensitive surfaces, large scale rubbish removal and excessive cleaning of outside areas.
  • Are your cleaning teams professionals?
    Ghumman Cleaning has one of the lowest cleaner attrition rates in the industry. On average, cleaners working with Ghumman Cleaning stay over 3 years and have completed the cleaning of over 1,000 homes.
  • Can you clean exterior windows and exterior balcony glass?
    We are unable to clean elevated exterior windows or exterior balcony glass. We can clean levelled exterior windows for an extra price.
  • Can we leave you a key?
    When you book a regular service we endeavour to send the same team every time. That team is responsible for handling and storing keys in a safe and secure location. We are responsible for lost keys and replacement of locks should it be necessary.
  • What happens if something is damaged during your clean?
    If damage occurs during a clean please notify us right away via phone and email if possible, with a photo of the damage, when it occurred and a short incident report. This will assist in processing insurance claims and having your damaged item replaced and/or repaired in a timely manner as possible.
  • What should I look for in a Removal Company?
    There are lots of removal companies out there and they will range from one person with a van to larger removal companies who have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes to move your belongings as well as a team of removers and removal services. We would always advise that you ask family members and friends for recommendations for removal companies and look at the companies reviews before you book them for your moving day.
  • How far ahead should I book?
    Ideally, you should confirm dates as soon as possible, as dates are often booked up well in advance.

    Ghumman Removalist will always aim to match the dates you require,but please keep in mind that some days (particularly Fridays) are busier and more expensive than others, so it will help if you can be flexible.
  • How long will it take to move me?
    This all depends on many different factors, including the time required to load, secure and unload your belongings, what level you are on, are we using a lift solely for us or are we sharing, how far the truck is parked from the premises, weather conditions and also the distance between the premises you are moving from and to and how well you have prepared for the move. The more you do beforehand, the cheaper will be for you. The promise we give is this, we do many services apart from Removalists, if we don’t give you a quality relocation, we stand to lose you and your referrals in the other parts of our business. We have grown due to integrity and referrals.
  • What are Our's quality standards?
    External quality audits are carried out by Australian Standrads representatives on a regular basis, ensuring that standards are upheld and our customers always receive a high-quality service.

    Our pursuit of the highest possible quality service has led Ghumman Removalist to develop the QUEST Quality Management Program. With our history and knowledge of the relocation industry, Crown has been able to create a system that sets the standard for quality.
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